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Pleaseeasaur :: Neil Hamburger/Pleaseeasaur/Optiganally Yours CASBAH


Neil Hamburger / Pleaseeasaur / Optiganally Yours Live @ The Casbah Tuesday July 2 2002 Neil Hamburger: "Just when you think you've heard a bad one-liner, along comes one even more pathetic. Neil's sad sack delivery and blissful denial of the audience's distaste is highly refreshing in the age of hyper active audiences who crow at the most tepid Jay Leno jokes. - Pitchfork Media Pleaseeasaur: Pleaseeasaur represents local label imputor?, with his first two releases "Beef Flavored Island Adventures" and "As Seen On TV" hitting the streets last month. They don't call him the Andy Kaufman of punk rock electronic for nothing! Hasson's one-man project is difficult to describe, because what he does with a few key accessories--a DAT machine, a couple of projection screens, an abominable-snowman outfit, and a disco ball shaped like an eye--renders him nearly peerless. You can't get the full comedic perspective until you've seen him live, gesticulating around like a mentally impaired action figure, singing songs about dog shit and the Olsen twins.-the stranger