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Pleaseeasaur :: Pleaseeasaur As Seen On TV Review


Most Seattlelites are no strangers to the anomaly known as Pleaseeasaur. Flyers and posters envelop the musical mecca and Plea-see-asaur rolls easily off tongues throughout the metropolis. The origin of the name is plesiosaur (Pleh-see-o-saur), large extinct marine reptile with a small head and long neck (read Loch Ness Monster). In this case, the monster has mutated to invoke notions of pleasure. John-Peter Hasson is Pleaseeasaur. Straight-forward, soft-spoken, courteous and young, he seems deceptively lucid after my experience at a recent gig featuring a dancing, chanting yeti. Pleaseeasaur has gained a reputation for its erratic stage antics, varied spoken word, and cheap stage props. Enmeshed in the continued evolution of music and multimedia, Pleaseeasaur represents a new trend of entertainment fusion. Nowadays, a show may include DJ house music, a short silent video with a live track, and a rock band. No longer are the viewers limited to one type of genre or scene per evening at a venue. In this internet-driven, interactive age, perhaps Pleaseeasaur foreshadows a new entertainment. I spent a few hours with John-Peter in a local bar and pried about his successes and excesses. >>BODY of INTERVIEW here.<< Pleaseeasaur has an album out on the Alpha Quadrant label called, ďAs Seen on TV.Ē Itís sold through K Records. Itís good. Check it out, for godís sake! EW