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Pleaseeasaur :: Black Heart Procession & Pleaseeasaur: Capitol Garage SAC. CA


Two things consistently happen in Sacramento: the traffic gets worse and the hipsters get more hip. Walking into the Capitol Garage cafe, located cattycorner to our state's capitol, I felt adrift in a sea of trendy subculture fashion. Making our way past the Spock-rock cuts and jean jackets, a spectacle quickly grabbed hold my attention: a frantic man, dressed in a pink and lime-green leotard jumpsuit, bouncing around the stage, singing with his fist clenched around the microphone while accompanied by cheesy demonstration-style keyboard music. So this was the opening act… Pleaseeasaur was less than ordinary. Utilizing a giant white screen, overhead-projected images, painted cardboard props and no less than 10 costume changes, the one-man dynamo was the most bizarre musical act I've personally witnessed. Idiosyncratic story-based songs about "islands of meat," a fictitious pizza joint, a "dream barge," dog shit, explosives and strangers with candy were enhanced by the solo entertainer's costume changes, which sometimes pertained to the story, sometimes not. My girlfriend, who was kind enough to accompany me, commented that his entire act was utter shit and completely without merit, and that we shouldn't encourage him by clapping. I was giggling like a ninny, loving every single minute of it. It should be noted that my girl exercises to Enya, while conversely, I study to Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante.—MST