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Pleaseeasaur :: Pleaseeasaur LIVE in SF.CA


September 15th, Pleaseeasaur at the Werepad... Woah.... Wooooooaaaahhhh!!! The Werepad is one of those places that sort of reminds me of a modified Sixties speakeasy that has been modified to accommodate hip-happening bands from the sixties like Jefferson Airplane or something. The sixties decor was out of control and the bartender was definitely a cool cat. Pleaseeasaur is simply brilliant! Take the costumed aesthetic of GWAR, the lightshow of Neurosis, the cheesiness of A Flock of Seagulls, and the background presence of Trio and you get Pleaseeasaur. They had some new songs that I hadn't heard off their new CD (which was unfortunately out of stock), but in talking to them before and after the show, they assured me that it would be available at their website. I did take a bevy of pictures which can be seen at: