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Pleaseeasaur :: OH MY GOD!


Two nights ago, I went to the most incredible show I've been to in months and months. I saw Buddy Pants (Jeff London), Pleaseeasaur and Neil Hamburger. Oh.................MY.............................GOD. Pleaseeasaur was like they reached into my head and took out everything that I think is the funniest, everything that I think is the most amazing, and they put it on stage. I have never, ever been so slack-jawed at a performance. I can't even describe it! There was dancing, and rapping, and songs called "the beef flavored island" and head-to-toe Eagle costumes, and R2-D2, and Scott Baio, and a song called "The Dream Barge," and copious use of the word "rad," and the whole thing was so perfectly in sync, the guy behind the screen just busting his ass, getting projections up, slamming the strobe lights on at just the right time, everything so perfectly was the absolute best mix of humor, sincerity, truly good showmanship and poetry that I've ever seen. And it was somehow NOT ironic, which is so refreshing. Humor doesn't have to be ironic. Humor can just be funny. holy crow! and Neil Hamburger was also incredible, but I knew what to expect with him so I wasn't as utterly blown-away. But he was still great. What a strange, strange man. I have to get to work now, troupers so it's goodbye to you. and that's my life!