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Pleaseeasaur :: Captured By Robots/Pleaseeasaur/Reload PDX.OR


Soon, all too soon, we shall be overrun by our own hubris, enslaved by the very technology we now embrace. But Wait! That time has already arrived! Cower in the face of Reload, the one-man Devo/Dead Kennedys/Gary Numan/Ramones genetic mutation whose machine precision pop will win you over...or else! Gaze in awe upon Captured By Robots’ comic rawk, which tells the wicked tale of a boy made to play Zappa-esque punk with the help of joke telling MST3K-like robot friends! And dance, foolish human, dance to the Casio-fried beats of Pleaseeasaur, whose no-fi sampla-phonic songs could crush Beck’s beloved Beer Can! The future is now! (Even if it does sound a bit like 1983!) JG)