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Pleaseeasaur :: PLEASEEASAUR


Text by Lora Grillo Photo by Sarah Murat JP Hasson’s defense of his albums hidden track may seem a tad self evident (“everybody hates dog shit, it’s a universal thing”), the artist known as Pleaseeasaur, offers additional rationale: “I like to think that my subject matter is what people think about every day but don’t necessarily talk about” This statement might explain his five minute diatribe about the displeasing attributes of dog excrement on his As Seen On TV release. With song titles like “Beef Flavored Island” and “Paul McCartney’s Penis”, though, one wonders if Hasson might be in the minority opinion that such random topics would strike a musical chord. Clearly Pleaseeasaur-from the Swedish expression for “Life’s a Beach”, he assures-takes the business of not being serious very seriously. Combining simple beats with Calvin Johnson-esque rap stylings, the Pleaseeasaur sound is peppered with loony pop-culture and an array of minimalist electronic modulations. A “song and dance man” from another galaxy, Pleaseeasaur has been Hasson’s full time project for the last three years. After a short stint at Philadelphia’s Temple University where he majored in Biochemistry, Hasson decided to follow his true calling: he became a student of the Dead Milkmen, started touring with guitarist Joe Jack Talcum in their band We’re Not From Idaho, and began to develop his own ’comical punk’ sound. Whether disguised as the abominable snowman or an unknown comic book hero, Hasson enjoys international cult status with his prop-n-costume solo performances. Having just finished his European tour and once again based in Seattle, Hasson is busy recording his ’all ages’ follow-up release. “The new record will consist of one continuous theme”, he explains, “like a children’s story that will have narration and dialogue of different characters throughout.” Look out Mister Rogers; Pleaseeasaur is targeting your market.