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Pleaseeasaur :: Musical Chairs


MUSICAL CHAIRS: It’s a game we all enjoyed as tots; no birthday party was complete without some incarnation of battle designed to keep your ass in the seat. But in the grown up world, the game lacks the same amount of shits and giggles, often leaving artists in the lurch and A&R departments unstable. In a time when it’s difficult to maintain a creative personality in a bland corporate world, it seems as if one man from Seattle: Pleaseeasaur, derives pleasure from telling the major labels to take a seat and see how silly they and the rest of current (corporate?) American culture really are. In one of the most unique performance-art/music showcases we’ve EVER witnessed, Pleaseeasaur definitely put the majors in their place by not only setting up a high level A&R perusal of his recent gig here in LA but by also delivering several direct blows to challenge their egos with sheer absurdity. Armed with a microphone and a DAT machine, Pleaseeasaur not only verbally displays his angle on things but also comes prepared with visual aids; two rear projected 8 foot screens and many elaborate props and costumes that should have George Lucas kneeling before him pleading for association. With obvious parallels ranging from the Dead Milkmen to the excitement of Pontiac commercials and quite possibly being the Andy Kaufman of his generation, the 23 year old Pleaseeasaur still claims to have no direct line of influences, musical or otherwise. He sites that “Pleaseeasaur is instead the very performance of being influenced” and I for one think he’s right. Throughout the course of this last minute performance (for SONY/Epic Records A&R reps and about 100 dedicated fans that somehow heard about the secret show) Pleaseeasaur gave everyone something to talk about to their friends the next day and then some. Which is apparently par for the course thus far seeing how the word of Pleaseeasaur has spread like wild fire throughout the lower 48 in the last year. With a rapidly growing fan base and quite an ambitious tour schedule, Pleaseeasaur will grace us with his presence again next week for 6 southern California shows: April 18 at The Smell in Los Angeles with The Thrones (Joe Preston of the Melvins) April 19 at Che Café in San Diego with The Thrones & Scarnella (Nels Cline and co.) April 20 at Sacred Grounds in San Pedro with Scarnella April 21(early) at Spaceland in Los Angeles with Death Cab For Cutie and The Yucatan in Santa Barbara with Buckethead April 22 at the Troubadour in Hollywood with Buckethead Guaranteed you’ve never seen anything like it before, Pleaseeasaur will get a reaction out of you and will have you talking for days whether you love him or hate him.