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Pleaseeasaur :: Beef Flavored Island


PLEASEEASAUR-BEEF FLAVORED ISLAND CD EP PleaseeasaurÖDo they Rock? No. Are they funny? Yes. Iíd say they are funnier than Z-Rock Hawaii anywayÖ So Iím sitting here eating Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Iím trying to compare this to all the other funny-rock bands - Itís better than a lot of Dead Milkmen stuff, but not as funny as that song about the pork sausages and the maggot farmÖitís funnier than every Bongwater song I can think of, itís funnier than a lot of King Missile, but not funnier than the song about having too many socks, that song cracks me up every time. Itís not as funny as when Nick Cave starts singing about how much he loves God, but then, what isÖ?