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Plastiq Phantom :: Enjoy The Art Of Lying Down Review

NYLON Magazine

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Even hardcore music fans must admit that 'intelligent dance music' is in peril of becoming as wonky and unexciting as stamp collecting. But Seattle's Darrin Wiener-aka Plastiq Phantom- is one of a handful of young American producers out to steer IDM away from the processing-trick-of-the-month-club, most recently on his debut album, Enjoy the Art of Lying Down. In a move destined to scandalize the geekiest IDM geeks, Wiener uses loads of straight-outta-the-preset sort of sounds, complete with pomp-y strings and chimes, while the stately, intricate beats of a cut like "Kicking Mister Bubbles" come across more like the work of an orchestral percussionist than a breakbeat kingpin. Wiener's knack for old-old-old-school concepts like melody, structure, and even classical counterpoint means that the tinkling tune behind the stripped down techno of '492 Cups to China' sticks with you like a double order of lo mein and the tiptoeing melody line, echoing strings, and skittering beats of 'Edison' will haunt your steps on lonely streets for weeks.

- Lee Gardner