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Pleaseeasaur :: Live Feature: PLEASEEASAUR


Pleaseeasaur Early Beck comparisons abound, and in the past his live performances have earned him labels from "the Andy Kauffman of the digital generation" to "the Atom & His Package of the latter-day exotica techno genre," (that last quote issued from the well-curled lip of his collaborator Joe Jack Talcum, late of the Dead Milkmen). On record, however, J.P. Hasson, the one-man-extravaganza that is Pleaseeasaur, recalls nothing so much as a Casio-mad Boris Karloff slow-dancing with Zappa in an unholy, as-yet-imagined Vegas vaudeville act--and we're not necessarily calling that a good thing. Onstage, Hasson somehow manages to transcend the schtick--which includes a white fun-fur Yeti costume and determinedly quirky song titles like "Paul McCartney's Penis" and "Beef Flavored Island"--and reach heights of truly inspired Dada hilarity. Go and you may be amazed, delighted, even disgusted but-god help you-it won't be dull. Fri. Jan 25 at The Knitting Factory with Wesley Willis Sat. Jan. 26 at The Smell, with the Flying Luttenbachers. By Leah Greenblatt