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Pleaseeasaur :: Pleaseeasaur


Pleaseeasaur is almost too brilliant! This is the future of music! Pleaseeasaur blends the elements of the past/present/future to provide the most hilarious album(s) and especially live shows since that of the late/great Andy Kaufman! Seeing Pleaseeasaur’s recent gig here in Paris… so far out of the element from which the material is derived...the sheer absurdity and determination of the solo artist not only transformed the crowd of skeptics into true believers...but also managed to transport every witness to a place of complete and utter pleasure...where not one worry or concern was even possible. The perfect mix of idiotic-magic-comedy for truly troubled times. Hop on pleaseeasaur's dream barge, and you will never look back. It helps to understand English though! -CN