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Pleaseeasaur :: Here's The Beef!


Funny-core. An ambiguous segment of the music industry riddled with both unwavering genius/charisma and as Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan once penned, "shark niggas" (read: biters). Pleaseeasaur;they've succeeded. The successive progression between '99's 13 cut mish-mash low-budget mini-masterpiece "As Seen On TV" to 2001's pristine n' polished, micro-epic and Razler Record's released "Beef Flavored Island Adventures" is undeniable - but don't get it twisted, ain't a damn thing changed. John Peter Hasson still waxes Craig Kilborn-esque in that sort of trapped in a Nintendo Volleyball game (circa 1987/88) slash Wesley Willis Korg-Triton bleep-blop. His expansion on the conceptual account "Beef Flavored Island", on the EP's "The Meat Reef" is impeccable, reviving the diseased livelihood of 'the sequel'. As Seen On TV's classics "The Dream Barge", Strangers Have The Best Candy" and "Sexy Lip Hair" all get the nod - Hey, I just saw that fool for the first time and I'm already an expert! You can be one too! It's fun to analyze Pleaseeasaur. The next level of Funny-core. The shit. -Peter Agoston