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Otto Von Schirach :: Split EP Review


We’ve been waiting for these babies for a while, pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies for the world on magnificent pink vinyl, this ace 7” finds Otto at his strangest and best, collaborating with Sindri on the bizzarely titled ‘Sduisant Lollipop’. The track sounds like a narcotic-fuelled trip through some never-ending fairground house of horrors, all sedate accordions weazing in and out, waves of found sound and essence of glitch, accompanied by a killer deep percussive crunch that betrays that signature Otto brilliance. Wicked stuff. Plastiq Phantom People offer up ‘Swimming is great if you aint drowning’ on the flip, a slightly dated take on crunchy breakbeat/World Music fusion which retains some twisted charm, especially on the odd percussive proceessing, but pales in comparisson to the ace Otto cut on Side A. Ace.