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imputor? :: San Diego gets hip with the blip

SD CityBeat

San Diego’s electronic scene is quickly elevating itself from “Tootsie Roll”-playing generica to cutting-edge club nights. This is a sure sign that San Diego is slowly emerging from its rote habit of beach-party-bingo bands, and embracing urbana. Oh, little Diego’s growing up. Already with a cutting edge, semi-local record label,Imputor?, clubs like Rich’s (Electroluxe), Tantra West, Montage and 4th and B are bringing some of the best electronica acts to town soon, including Fischerspooner, Mt. Sims and DJ Keoki. And one of San Diego’s leading underground electronica labels, Om Records, will be holding a monthly residency at The Onyx Room, inaugurating the joint with Chicago’s deep house man, DJ Mark Grant on March 7. Pacifier sales in the area are expected to spike in coming weeks.