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Aspects of Physics :: Systems of Social Recalibration Review

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A beautifully textured album that falls somewhere between glitch pop and Boards of Canada's bucolic electronica, Systems of Social Recalibration layers thick, synthesized melodies with slippery, ticking beats. On "Level 4.2," Aspects of Physics uses acoustic guitars mindlessly strumming beneath dancing electronics to cinematic effect. On "," Aspects of Physics works an old Commodore 64 sound interface device to create a wonderfully damaged symphony of blips and crunches -- something like Mogwai's music if it was composed on a vintage computer. "Everything Else We Must Pass Over in Silence" chimes and groans like Iceland's Múm, maybe one of Aspects of Physics' closest living relatives. Systems of Social Recalibration may not be for everyone, but the record redefines both pop music and instrumental electronica by creating a set of lush songs that are as listenable as they are thought-provoking.
-- Charles Spano