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Pleaseeasaur :: Beef Flavored Island Adventures EP Review


Rating: 8/10

OnLy FiVe SoNgS oN tHiS eP, wHiCh Is 17 MiNuTeS lOnG. GONE are the incorrectly-played demo patterns, GONE are the dizzyingly stupid fake accents, GONE are an instrumental trio led by Greg Ginn of Black Flag, famous for their smash hit albums Country Dumb and Gone II – But Never Too Interesting!. I suspect that this EP more accurately captures what JP might possibly say is the Pleaseeasaur aesthetic, which is to say that all the music sounds like the soundtrack to horrid local morning news shows and overdramatic high school sci-fi productions. But without the OBVIOUS senselessness of the debut LP, it just sounds like a guy who can’t sing talking off-key through a kind of annoying muffled vocal effects processor over a Mannheim Steamroller demo tape. Luckily, the songs are all pretty great! And the dramatic narrative action break at the conclusion of “The Meat Reef” (the sequel to “Beef Flavored Island”) is narrow and hard to master. Out here on the perimeter, there are no stars. Out here, we is stoned. Immaculate.

Perhaps the goodest song on the EP is JP’s stirring (pun INTENDED, AS YOU’LL SEE IN A MOMENT – HANG ON!) tribute to Chinese food, “Bowl Noodle Hot.” This track, incidentally, was my favorite of the songs he played that time I saw him live at that hotel in Tucson where all the little kids were all fuckin each other and probably taking drugs like underground scenes aren’t wont to do. And then I went to talk to JP at the “merch” booth and this little high school whore slut came up and tried to “talk me up” into buying her something. But I wasn’t born yesterday. I knew she didn’t love me for my mind. She was just after the green. So I gave that dame the ol’ heave-ho, Charlie. A man is better off alone than with some nag like a chain around his neck, nice gams or no. Then I went back to doing what I was doing before, taking two band fliers and creating a “Pop-Up” toy in which a hippie’s penis can be pulled out longer and longer and longer until it’s sticking like a full foot off the side of the flier.