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Aspects of Physics :: Systems of Social Recalibration Review

Erasing Clouds

In school I was never good at physics…or any other science for that matter. Similarly, I don't really follow the theories behind the music of the San Diego group Aspects of Physics, as outlined in the CD booklet for their album Systems of Social Recalibration. Energetic loss, one-to-one ratios, huh? I do get the general themes, though: they're interested in making music something which progresses the human race and brings us closer together. That sounds good to me, but what I like most about Aspects of Physics is their music. Using computers and guitars, they create layered compositions related to both modern composers, like Reich and Cage, and the "post rock" groups which follow similar patterns now. Whether they're using electric blips and crackles rhythmically or playing a hyper-minimalist but melodic composition, Aspects of Physics keep you alert and engaged by continually throwing different sounds and textures at you, never letting the music get too relaxed or stay the same for too long.

--Dave Heaton