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Aspects of Physics :: Systems of Social Recalibration Review


Hailing from San Diego, Aspects of Physics formed from the cinders of various local post-rock groups. And, remarkably, those origins are fused with the rolling crystalline notion of electronics popularized by the early '90s "electronic listening music" set (i.e. the Warp and Rephlex labels) in a way that highlights the absurdity of such limiting musical labels. This is simply awe inspiring, highly evolved, elevating music for brain and body.

Systems of Social Recalibration utilizes a diverse arsenal of musical generators to achieve this, and not just the click of a mouse. There's filtered guitars galore, sentinel swashes of battered old keyboards and, yes, some laptop-ing, which means you can revel in the bleepy video game IDM assault of "s.i.d." and lose yourself in the sweeping ebb and flow that is the pulsing rock-out of the 17-minute epic cornerstone, "Level 4.2." Or simply find out what would happen in a dream jam between Aphex Twin and Tortoise on "Everything Else We Must Pass Over in Silence." For those who choose take this 48-minute audio journey, a grand reward awaits.

Brion Paul
CDNOW Contributing Writer