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Plastiq Phantom :: Enjoy The Art Of Lying Down Review

URB Magazine Vol. 11 No. 81

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Following the solid Select Imputor? EP from last year, Seattle's Plastiq Phantom continues to prove himself worthy of attention. He's already caught the ear of folks like Luke Vibert and Aphex Twin, and it would not be innacurate to say that all of their creations orbit the same stratosphere.

The juxtaposition of comedy and drama that pervades the album is something that is usually better achieved by classical musicians than electronic ones, and it's the former rather than the latter that seems to be more influential here. This is exemplified by the beautiful string and piano arrangement of "Falling Through Windows" or in the elegant, spare instrumentation of "Raincoat Sonata #2." But the boy is also not afraid of the limitless boundaries of his machines - check the neo-d&b patterns of "492 Cups to China" or the piston-like rhythms on "Kicking Mister Bubbles." The best is saved for last with "Cultivated Oscillations," a collage of silly and familiar samples that manages to channel the same sort of humor that characterized the early cut-and-paste tracks. (You'll recognize it as the one that begins with a young girl chirping, "What's a penis?"). This is a smart, varied and fun debut.

-Tamara Palmer